Emergency Kits and Supplies

Looking for a kit for your workplace, home or car?

There are eight categories of supplies which we recommend: Communication, First-aid/Medication, Food, Hygiene, Lighting, Safety Gear, Warmth/Shelter, Water.

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Emergency Preparedness Seminars

An Emergency Preparedness Seminar Prepares you and your staff for any emergency

Dave has performed nearly 4000 missions aboard Wellington's Westpac Rescue Helicopter and delivers training which is entertaining, informative and motivates your staff to become better prepared inside and out of the workplace.

His "Emergency Preparedness In and Out of the Workplace" is our most popular seminar. Give Dave 90 minutes and he will ensure you and your staff know what to do before, during and after any disaster.

Give Dave a ring on +64-29-233-8284 or email dave@prepareme.co.nz for more information or to schedule a seminar.

Emergency Water

Thousands of people around NZ are guaranteed fresh water, after a disaster, thanks to our managed water solutions.

Ideally you should have nine litres of drinkable water on hand for each person that might be in your office when disaster strikes. This includes staff, contractors and visitors.

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NZ Wide

We work with companies around NZ.

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30 seconds after Worksafe announces they are investigating your company, what will you wish you had, what will you wish you knew?

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Home and Family

Is your family as prepared as it needs to be for disasters and emergencies? We can assist you with putting together kits and plans for you and the family.

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Looking for Dave Greenberg?

After 25 years and nearly 4000 missions on Wellington's Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Dave has finally hung up his helmet. In addition to PrepareMe Dave is doing CIMS training, running NEP exercises and other stuff in Emergency Management.

Click here to go to www.davegreenberg.co.nz

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