About Us

Dave Greenberg 

Mobile: 029-233-8284     Email: dave@prepareme.co.nz


Dave has always had a passion for helping others.

Since 1975 he has been on thousands of emergency missions as a fire-fighter, paramedic or rescue helicopter crewman.  Many years of experience dealing with all types of emergencies and disasters makes him uniquely qualified to help your organisation prepare for any emergency or disaster.

On February 22, 2011, he was on duty with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter when the deadly earthquake struck Christchurch. Within two hours of the earthquake he was on the ground in Christchurch as part of the emergency response teams which responded.

Dave brings his experience, passion and energy to PrepareMe, and leads our professional training and workplace skills development.

In addition to assisting organisation through PrepareMe, Dave is doing keynote speaking at conferences, facilitating emergency exercises for key Government Departments and offering advice and services into the NZ health and air rescue sectors.

See more about Dave at www.davegreenberg.co.nz


Brett Hogue

Mobile: 027-483-5546     Email: brett@prepareme.co.nz


Coming from a laboratory background, in 2007 he took his knowledge and experience in testing drinking water and applied it to a problem facing Wellington businesses- how to safely store enough emergency water in a busy work environment.  Emergency Water Services was formed, and was soon managing emergency water solutions for businesses all over the Country.

Having tackled this problem, the next logical step was figuring out how to keep his clients’ emergency preparedness supplies up-to-date in a seamless fashion.  He found his customers really appreciated knowing that he was taking care of their emergency water and equipment, it was one less headache in the office to contend with!

Having brought together water and equipment solutions, the next obvious step to solving his clients problems was training, so in 2014 he got together with Dave and formed PrepareMe.


Leonie Gordon  

Mobile:  022-344-1035   Email:  leonie@prepareme.co.nz




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