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In your emergency kit – “Cash”

After any type of disaster / emergency, loss of electricity and phone lines is a real possibility.  When we lose either of these things we also lose our ability to pay for goods or services by EFTPOS or Credit Cards.

After the recent Kaikoura earthquakes I heard of a new challenge – the ATM machines ran out of cash, and the banks were unable to get to Kaikoura to replenish the machines because the roads were closed.

If you need to purchase anything in the days, and possibly weeks, following a major disaster, cash will be king.

Not only is it a good idea to have cash, but have smaller notes – $5, $10 or $20.  A $50 or $100 note will not be of any use if the store owner is unable to give you change.

A good strategy at home is to have a jar where you throw your loose coins each night.  This jar of coins can quickly accumulate hundreds of dollars of coins, which can be a real life saver when you need it.

Stay safe, and be prepared!


I will be posting regularly from now on, giving you tips and hints on how to prepare for what ever disaster or emergency you might face in your life.

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Dave Greenberg

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