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How do you know if the food in freezer is good to eat?

After a power outage it is sometimes hard to know if the food in your freezer is safe to eat.

Here’s an easy thing you can do today…..

Fill a glass or coffee mug with water and put it, upright, in the freezer. Once the water is frozen, place a coin on top of the frozen water. Try to put some stuff around the cup to make sure it doesnt’ fall over in a shake.

If there is a power outage of any kind, the coin will tell you how the stuff in your freezer went.

1. If the coin still on top of the ice – the freezer did not defrost.

2. If it is at the bottom of the glass, and frozen back over, that means the freezer defrosted and re-froze.

3. If the coin is not on the top, but not quite on the bottom, then there was some defrosting.

This simple test will let you know whether or not your frozen food is safe to eat!


I will be posting regularly from now on, giving you tips and hints on how to prepare for what ever disaster you might strike.

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Dave Greenberg

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