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In your emergency kit – “Lighting Options”

Which lighting option is best for your emergency kit?


There are many different kinds of lighting available for your kit.  A head torch, a regular torch, a chemical light stick or candle are some of the many options available to you.

Personally I rely on chemical light sticks and head torches in my own kit (and in my car, and in my bedside table).  If I need a torch after an emergency then I probably will need my hands free, hence the reason I prefer a head torch over a regular torch.

I also prefer chemical light sticks over candles.  The light sticks last for up to 12 hours, are not a fire danger, and work in any weather including strong wind and rain.

For me, a candle is not an option.  If you use a candle then you also need matches or a lighter.  A candle is virtually impossible to keep lit in the outdoors, and can pose real risk if there is any type of fire or gas danger.

Like most any other things in your kit, a lot comes down to personal choice.  If you have a favourite type of torch, use it – just make sure you have spare batteries available.

See this blog post ( for my thought about devices which require batteries.

For now stay safe, and be prepared!


I will be posting regularly, giving you tips and hints on how to prepare for what ever disaster or emergency you might face in your life.

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Dave Greenberg

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