Safety Tips

Disasters are a bit easier to handle when your devices use the same type of batteries….

Battery operated devices, like torches and radios, are only useful for as long as their battery last.

This means that you need lots of spare batteries.

Make life simpler for yourself and make sure all your devices use the same type of battery, which means you only need to have one type of spare, and you can move batteries between devices if required.

Personally I prefer ‘AA’ or ‘AAA’ batteries because they are so much smaller and easier to store than ‘C’ or ‘D’ batteries.

Another good tip when it comes to batteries – don’t leave the batteries in your device for long periods.  They can corrode, making the device unusable when you really need it.  I leave my batteries out of all the devices (except the one in my bedside table), and have a chemical light stick stored with the devices, making it easy to get the batteries in.

Stay safe.


I will be posting regularly from now on, giving you tips and hints on how to prepare for what ever disaster you might strike.

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Dave Greenberg

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