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In your emergency kit – WATER (part 1)

Water is essential for life, and it is essential in your emergency provisions.

Typically a person could survive, if they are not doing any physical activity, about three days, without water.  There have been cases where people have survived many more days without water, but usually with some pretty harsh health penalties.

Civil defence recommendations have always been to have a minimum of three litres of water, per person, per day, for at least three days.  I am a simple person, so I work on the basis that you need a minimum of 10 litres of water stored per person in your workplace or household.

For instance, bottled water, from the supermarket, might be a good solution for home or a small office.

We offer managed (and unmanaged) water solutions for workplaces.  The difference between managed and unmanaged is simple – if you want to guarantee that you have safe, drinkable water, your probably need a managed water solution.

If you are willing to take your chances that people in your office change the water containers regularly, then unmanaged might work for you.

At home, a large outdoor water tank, that captures rain water, could be a perfect solution.

There are many strategies for storing water, at home or work, and we will explore these over upcoming posts.

However you do it – make sure you have

Stay safe, and be prepared!


I will be posting regularly, giving you tips and hints on how to prepare for what ever disaster or emergency you might face in your life.

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