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When the shaking stopped.. What did you want to have? What did you want to know? Who did you want to be with?

For many of you who experienced the 7.8 earthquake last week I am sure it was a scary experience.  During the shaking, and soon after it stopped, the things you thought about are probably the things you need to be prepared.

I believe that there are there types of questions that probably came to your mind, and are really the essence of being prepared.

  • What do I need / wish I had?
  • What do I wish I knew?
  • Who do I want to be with, or check up on?

When you start answering these questions, you can start to put together your own emergency kits and plans.  The people you thought of?  These are the people you need plans with.  What if the earthquake was at 12 noon instead of 12 midnight?  Where would you be? Your kids? Your partner? Your loved ones?

During the shaking, it is to too late to go out and buy things, learn things or make plans.  You need to that know.

After disaster strikes I am sure you would pay anything to have the things you need.  Maybe some food, water, light or warmth?  Plans to meet up with your loved ones?  Instructions on how to do CPR or first-aid.

30 seconds after disaster strikes is too late.  You need to prepare today.

I will be posting regularly  from now on, giving you tips and hints on how to prepare for what ever disaster you might strike.

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Dave Greenberg

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